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Anxiety Saves You Money

Anxiety is the biggest single mental health problem today, but a study at Standford University reveals that perhaps anxiety isn't quite the bad boy it's been made out to be and that it might just save you a few dollars... The researchers at Stanford found that a part of the brain, called the anterior insula, is the key player in determining potential threats, which in turn helps us anticipate and avoid those threats.Anxiety is a protection mechanism, originally intended to protect us from physical harm. But it's now evolved to also protect us from social or economic threats too. Gregory Samanez-Larkin and co researchers told subjects to anticipate losing money. Whilst they were doing this researchers scanned their brains. The findings revealed that those who had greater activation of their insulas did better at avoiding financial loss over the following months. Conversely, those subjects who had low insula activity suffered greater financial ... (Click to continue reading)

A Bad Habit that Causes Anxiety

There are many habits anxious people do that can provide immediate relief. But these often only provide short-term relief, in the long-run they reinforce anxiety and worry. One of these habits includes seeking reassurance. For example... If you worry about your health a lot you may continually go to your doctors, even though he's already given you the all- clear. Or if you continually worry about your partner getting involved in an accident you may end up phoning them every hour, just to make sure. Perhaps you have to buy something but you're worried you might buy the wrong one. You spend hours and hours on the internet seeking out the best solution, trying to get assurance that you're buying the right one. Before long, seeking reassurance becomes a crutch which you keep using over and over again, preventing you from ever being able to deal with worry feelings properly. It becomes ... (Click to continue reading)

The Anti-Anxiety Mineral

If you suffer from anxiety there's a good chance you are not getting enough of the right nutrients. One essential nutrient is magnesium. It is essential because without adequate supply of it your body can't function properly. Low intake of magnesium is strongly linked to depression, anxiety and panic. It is estimated that around 70% of all people are magnesium deficient.[1] Here's what one of the world's leading experts on magnesium, Dr Carolyn Dean, has to say... "Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, apathy, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness and a rapid pulse...Psychiatrists all too often rely on prescription drugs for suffering patients and have no insight into the metabolic functions of the mind and body and what happens when nutrients are deficient. Anxiety and depression are often nutrient deficiency diseases and chemical sensitivities, not drug deficiency diseases."[2] When you experience ... (Click to continue reading)