Stop Anxiety Attacks – Breathe Properly

Be Happy – The Anxiety Secrets You Need to Know...

Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

How you breathe can have a significant impact on your anxiety and panic attacks. By learning better breathing you can more effectively control one of the triggers of panic.

The primary step to healthier breathing is learning to breathe more from your belly, instead of the more shallow rapid breathing from your chest. When you only breathe from your chest you may end up hyper-ventilating (over breathing). This alone can trigger a panic attack.

Hyperventilating causes body levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to become unbalanced. And your nervous system becomes more excitable which causes many of the symptoms associated with anxiety and panic including…

Increased heart rate, tingling sensations, muscle tension, dizziness, distorted vision, tight chest, feeling unreal, sweating, flushes and shaky legs. To counter act follow these two simple instructions…

1. At regular intervals each day take three or four deep belly breaths, slowly and deliberately. As you do place your hand on your belly and feel it push out. Taking these relaxed breathes can prevent hyperventilation which reduces background levels of anxiety and prevent panic from kicking in. It also dampens the effect adrenaline which is yet another trigger of panic.

2. Become aware of your general breathing rate: People normally take about 8 to 17 breaths a minute, people with anxiety and panic have been shown to take up to 28 breaths. This will further reduce background anxiety levels.

If you keep consciously practicing every day taking a few deeper breaths every now and again, and calming your general breathing rate down, eventually you will subconscious pick up this habit too, and you will find yourself breathing in a much healthier way automatically. Of course, there is more to triggering panic than just breathing.

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