Anxiety Drugs Can Kill – 7 Million People at Risk

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Taken together, prescription drugs including anxiety and depression medications can prove lethal, as the high profile accidental death of Heath Ledger proved. The actor died from a cocktail of drugs including alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium) – all of which were legally prescribed by doctors (see the graphic below). But what is even more worrying is this is not an isolated case, with upwards of 7 million people reportedly taking a similar mix of prescribed drugs. Even if taking similar medications doesn’t kill it can cause serious complications within the body (see the video below). Heath’s father sent the warning that: “Heath’s accidental death serves as a warning to the hidden dangers of combining prescription medication, even at low dosages.”

But just taking one drug is not without risks either. Dr David Healy (North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine) found that taking Prozac, a popular anti depressant and anxiety drug, “may encourage suicide.” His studies showed that out of 20 people, 2 became dangerously suicidal after taking Prozac. An even more frightening statistic when you consider that 38 million people world wide take this drug daily.

Dr Healy also questions the prescription of these drugs… “There are risks with these pills and benefits. Doctors need to make sure that the people they give these pills to are going to benefit, and that taking the risk is worthwhile – I don’t think that always happens. This is a very worrying state of affairs.”

Whilst drugs can have benefits, they should not be the first step to trying to ease mood disorders, especially given that there are number of natural remedies which have been proven over time to help — without the side effects and dangers often associated with drugs.

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Sandy said on April 10, 2008:

This is really shocking. Shouldn’t there be some sort of regulation with prescription meds?

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