Anxiety Saves You Money

Be Happy – The Anxiety Secrets You Need to Know...

Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

Anxiety is the biggest single mental health problem today, but a study at Standford University reveals that perhaps anxiety isn’t quite the bad boy it’s been made out to be and that it might just save you a few dollars…

The researchers at Stanford found that a part of the brain, called the anterior insula, is the key player in determining potential threats, which in turn helps us anticipate and avoid those threats.Anxiety is a protection mechanism, originally intended to protect us from physical harm. But it’s now evolved to also protect us from social or economic threats too.

Gregory Samanez-Larkin and co researchers told subjects to anticipate losing money. Whilst they were doing this researchers scanned their brains. The findings revealed that those who had greater activation of their insulas did better at avoiding financial loss over the following months. Conversely, those subjects who had low insula activity suffered greater financial loss, not being able to anticipate or learn about potential financial pitfalls.

So, worry more and avoid getting in a financial mess, sounds good right? Yes and no. Being more aware about issues, like finance, is never a bad thing. The problem occurs when anxiety becomes overwhelming, which was demonstrated by the over activation of the insula in this study.

When this happens a whole set of new problems occurs… physical and mental exhaustion of stress, problems thinking clearly and focused, problems relaxing and sleeping, and so on.These problems that follow intense anxiety often impact all areas of the sufferers life, including relationships, work and health.

The trick with anxiety is finding an optimal level – just enough to keep you on your toes, but not too much so that it begins to become more of a hindrance than a help. As with most things in life, balance is the key.

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