How To Overcome Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Be Happy – The Anxiety Secrets You Need to Know...

Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

Want to control your anxiety attacks? I’ll share with you right now one of the most powerful secrets to overcoming panic attacks. One single word… ATTITUDE.

With the right attitude many people have overcome dreaded attacks in weeks and sometimes days. That’s how powerful attitude is. But just what is attitude and what is the right attitude to adopt to overcome your anxiety attacks?

In this context attitude is how you mentally approach and deal with panic. There are many different aspects of attitude you can change that will help you deal with panic in a much healthier way. Today I’m going talk about how to change your attitude with regards to shame and guilt…

Many people often live with their panic problem in silence. They keep it to themselves. Perhaps you’re too ashamed or embarrassed to discuss your problem with other people? There can be a number of reasons for this…

Maybe you don’t want to keep boring people with your problems, or maybe you get the usual responses where people just don’t “get it” – trying to make someone who doesn’t suffer with panic understand how it feels can be very tricky. Perhaps you’re worried people might think your some sort of wacko or looney?

So it’s hardly surprising most panic sufferers keep their condition a secret. But this can be a problem in itself…

Suddenly your private problem becomes a “dirty little secret.” This can cause feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment and low self esteem. And these feelings make you even more uptight and on edge, and even more prone to panic. Do you find yourself thinking or feeling like this…?

“I’m so stupid why can’t I control my panic”, “I can’t tell anyone”, “I must hide my problem else people will think I’m mental”, “I’m useless”, “Nothing’s ever going to change”, “I’m weak”, “I shouldn’t bother people with my problems.”

This kind of attitude does nothing but worsen your anxiety. To fully overcome panic one of the crucial steps is to increase your feelings of self-worth and esteem. And to do this you need a fresh attitude. This involves becoming aware of when you thinking or feeling guilty or ashamed, and replace that thinking with a new thoughts…

“I am ok the way I am”, “I deserve support and respect”, “I am as significant as everyone else”, “I deserve to be free and happy”, “I have nothing to prove to anyone”, “It’s ok to make mistakes or become embarrassed”, “I’m not ashamed.”

This is a small but significant step forward. Remember…

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
~Author Unknown

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