A Quick Anxiety Relief Trick

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Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

I’m going to tell you about a little trick you can use to take the edge off your anxiety, it only takes minutes to do…

When you are feeling anxious your mind usually thinks forward into the future and begins worrying about what *could* happen. What follows is a sequence of thoughts where you become over focused on the worst case scenario happening. It’s this very thinking that causes a lot of anxiety, creating those feelings of dread, fear and nagging tension.

To counter act this some therapists have their anxiety suffering patients work out the percentage chance of that worst case scenario happening, and then use logic to try and counter act anxiety. Trying to counter act emotion with logic isn’t ideal. It’s the reason why men (more logical thinkers) and women (more emotional thinkers) who are in close relationships often argue.

Instead of using logic, try and switch your focus and feed your brain alternative scenarios to work with. Your brain reacts to imagined images as if they were real. This is why you feel fear when you think about possible worst case scenarios, even if it’s probably never going happen!

But the good news is your brain also reacts to positive images in the opposite way, causing the body and brain to relax, which directly counters stress, worry and anxiety. To do this, grab a pen and paper…

First write down the worst possible outcome of the thing you are worrying about. Then write the best possible outcome. Finally write down the probable outcome, the most likely outcome that will happen. You only need write a sentence or two for each. For example, if you are worried about an upcoming presentation you have to make, you might write:

1. Worst Possible Outcome: I totally mess up and make an idiot of myself, everyone laughs at me.

2. Best Possible Outcome: I surprise my self with a flawless performance, there is rapturous applause and praise after.

3. Likely Outcome: I will do the presentation, maybe make or two small errors which nobody will care about, and I’ll get through it just fine and wonder why I worried so much!

Now every time you start worrying about that topic again, spend a couple of minutes imagining outcomes 2 and 3. If it helps, close your eyes and picture the scene as if it were a movie unfolding before your eyes.

This will help stem anxiety as positive and negative emotions can only exist one at a time, so not only does this tip prevent the build up of anxiety but also creates a sense of relaxation and calm. Spend most of this time imagining the best possible outcome.

Of course this trick shouldn’t be used to avoid working out solutions to worries. But for worries which are out of your hands and you’ve done your best to prepare or work out solutions for, then this is quite a handy little trick.

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