General Anxiety – Do You Worry Too Much?

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Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

How do you really know if your worry and anxiety is out of control? How do you know that the worry and anxiety levels you feel isn’t just the same as everyone else?

Well, one very simple way is to use questionnaires. Below is the Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ). Developed by the Pennsylvania State University it can be used to find out if you worry more than normal people. Here’s how to do it…

(It will probably help to read through the instructions before hand)

On a piece of paper you need to score each question with a mark out of five; One is not at all typical of you, three is somewhat typical of you, five is very typical of you. Two and four are somewhere in between the other scores on the scale.

1. If I don’t have enough time to do everything, I don’t worry about it. (R)

2. My worries overwhelm me.

3. I do not tend to worry about things. (R)

4. Many situations make me worry.

5. I know I shouldn’t worry about things, but I just cannot help it.

6. When I am under pressure I worry a lot.

7. I am always worrying about something.

8. I find it easy to dismiss worrisome thoughts. (R)

9. As soon as I finish one task, I start to worry about everything else I have to do.

10. I never worry about anything. (R)

11. When there is nothing more I can do about a concern. I don’t worry about it anymore. (R)

12. I’ve been a worrier all my life.

13. I notice that I have been worrying about things.

14. Once I start worrying, I can’t stop.

15. I worry all the time.

16. I worry about projects until they are done.

Now before you add your score up you will need to tweak some of your marks…

“(R) indicates a reverse score. To reverse score your question, if you give an answer of 1 (“not at all typical”), score it as a 5. If you answer 2, score it as a 4. If you answer 4, score it as a 2. If you answer 5, score it as a 1. A score of 3 remains unchanged.”

Once you have done that add your total score up.

Non-anxious people score around 30. Moderately anxious people score on average above 52. If you scored above 65 then this is a sign you are chronic worrier who suffers intense anxiety.

If you scored below 40 then you’ll be pleased to know you have healthy levels of worry. If you scored above 50 then anxiety and worry are at unhealthy levels.

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