Stop Worry and Ease Anxiety – What If…?

Be Happy – The Anxiety Secrets You Need to Know...

Step 1. Select Which Type of Anxiety You Suffer With

If you’re like most people then a big chunk of your anxiety usually involves a lot worry. Why do we worry? Because worry allows you to use your thoughts and mind to imagine what *could* happen in the future. This can be very useful…

Worry can help you work out solutions to problems that may arise. Worry can help you avoid potential tricky or dangerous situations. Worry can help motivate you. Worrying may be a way to show other people that you’re responsible or caring. All this applies to most people – except people who worry a lot. Why?

Because believing that worry helps means you buy into the belief, at least at some level, that “worry is good”.

If you suffer chronic worry then believing that worry is good or helps you is a mental trap. After all if worry was useful to you then why is it causing you so much anxiety?

So long as you believe that worry is good you will never fully be able let go of anxiety. It would be like someone trying to give up smoking, but at the same time thinking cigarettes are good for them. Do you see the problem here?

Until you accept that worry does you more harm than good anxiety will persist. But the good news is this…

You are now aware that perhaps worry isn’t so good after all. And if you can firmly implant in your mind that worry is not beneficial then anxiety will start to fade.

The best way to do this is become aware of when you think or feel you *have to* worry for reasons like these…

“If I worry I won’t be late”…”If I worry we won’t argue”…”Worry will alert me quicker if I get ill”…”If I worry I’ll be better prepared to cope”…”If I worry I won’t mess up at work”…”I must worry so I don’t make mistakes”…”Worrying keeps me safe”…and so on.

Every time you catch yourself thinking along these lines ask yourself if worry is helping you or hindering you more. In most cases you will find that worry is eating at your time and energy, and causing nothing but anxiety.

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